Custom UI for Mac OSX Electron

I am using the Electron framework for Mac OSX. I want to customize the main meeting window by adding additional buttons/UI elements that are relevant to my application and changing the appearance of the main toolbar (different colours, icons, etc.)

I have been following the online tutorial to customize the UI for the Mac SDK and adapting it for Electron using Node ObjC, but haven’t had much luck. I am able to create the different video elements, but cannot make the windows appear on the screen. I have also tried using the inmeeting.js functions, but I am not sure how to integrate this properly.

Are there any examples I could see? How can I customize the main window properly in Electron?

Sorry, we didn’t do any js wrapper for electron sdk, but we have write the demo for native sdk.
You can rerfer to the demo in, please note, this is written in objc.

Where in the Electron code would I do this? It’s a little confusing with all of these delegates - would I make a delegate and call in onMeetingStatusChanged?

What is the purpose of the inmeeting.js code in the demo? I cannot find any existing files that use this file, and it would be great if I could just build off of that code.

You need write electron wrapper code by yourself. I don’t know which delegate you mean, you can set the delegate in where you want.
The inmeeting.js willl call to main_mac.js.
BTW, we have released a new electron demo, you can try the new one, the old demo will not be updated.