Custom UI still has 'meeting is being recorded' dialog

“Meeting is being recorded” dialog pops up despite custom UI.

Which Android Meeting SDK version?

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Google Glass EE2
  • OS: Android 8.1

Additional context
Code uses an activity extending ZmActivity for the custom UI, and has the setCustomizedMeetingUIEnabled(true) flag set once the ZoomSDK initializes.

The dialog cannot be closed - it isn’t integrated into the Glass’ touch controls.

Hi @TahliaK, thanks for using our SDK.

We recently made a change to the SDK that causes the recording consent dialog to always be shown, including when custom UI mode is enabled. I’ll see if we can update this in the future to add support for non-traditional Android devices in the future.


Thanks for the quick response. Is there an earlier version of the SDK that we can use which will not block our user’s view with this dialog?

Hi @TahliaK,

This change was introduced in v5.7.1, so earlier versions should not show it when using a custom meeting UI. If you are going to use an older version, please keep in mind that this would be a temporary fix since the 9 month release window will apply to the SDK as well when it goes into effect (exact date still TBD).


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