Custom variables for email template - Webinar and Meeting

I want to know the variable name and how to store values for these variables in Zoom and access this custom variables in Zoom email templates.

I have gone through Variables for email templates – Zoom Help Center document and as per the document I can use

  • customTextFooter variable for “Registrants Confirmation Email” templates
  • moreCustomizedContent variable for “Meeting Invite Email” templates

Is there any common variable which I can use for both of these templates ?

Also If I can use customTextFooter variable then to store it in Zoom side and access in templates which parameter I need to send in webinar API call ({username}/webinars) ?

Hi @vijayaprasad.s,

Thanks for reaching out about this. It sounds like you’re trying to update or retrieve custom email templates via API, is that right?

Currently you can only manage email template variables via the Zoom Web Portal.

For additional questions on editing certain aspects of this email, you may also want to reach out to


Hi Will,

Thanks for the update.

We are not trying to update or retrieve custom email templates via API. We are trying to use any custom variable for which we need to update the value through the Zoom API and use that value in email template.

Can you share the details of any variable which I can use in Zoom email template and for that I want to set those values at the time of calling{username}/webinars endpoint.

So my question is which parameter I need to set and send these values when calling the above mentioned API, so that I can use that in email templates.

Hi @vijayaprasad.s,

Thank you for clarifying.

I’m afraid it’s not possible to set these variables via API. At this time, it’s only possible to set these for custom email templates through the UI.

If you’d like to see this capability added to our API, I might suggest submitting a feature request for this here: #feature-requests


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