Ability to pass template in create/update meeting API call

From the ZOOM Admin UI, I can create a meeting using a predefined template. But I do not see same option available when creating a meeting through API.
I am creating an zoom app which will be accessed by different clients. I want all of them to be able to default a certain set of settings via template and then in my API call, pass the template name, so that those default values get set. I do not want to expose a whole set of options on my end for clients.
Webex API does provide that kind of feature and clients have found it very useful.

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Hey @luchlani,

We do not have an API endpoint yet for meeting templates.

As a work around, you could do the templating on your end with a UI that only allows users to set certain meeting settings, that then calls the create meeting API.

You can also limit settings your users can choose via your master account settings.