custom Zoom app question

I have only just read the materials associated with the Mac SDK … I need to help build out some requirements for a company who is using Zoom but wants to ‘re-skin’ the application and present a customized UI to the end user:

  • Remove Zoom branding and replace with another company branding
  • Rename the audio button to something more user friendly … instead of PCP-USB which is greek to our users.
  • Bonus points if we could have it automatically return to “internal mic” after they leave a meeting.

Does the SDK support such actions? Anyone have lessons learned with this that they can share? On the surface this seems like a pretty trivial application to write, but I have zero experience with the Zoom SDK as of this date.

thanks in advance!

Hi Troy,

Please check out the sample app @ our developer site Our MAC SDK is very straightforward to integrate.

You can put your own branding - however our platform will add a “powered by zoom” watermark in the meeting UI.  We do provide an option to remove it and our sales team can help if you would like to explore this further.

As far as the other two requirements, we do not support them at this point but will consider to add it in the future releases.

Feel free to follow up with any other questions.