Customer question IOS SDK

I’ve finally got around to digging into the iOS SDK, and I’ve got some technical questions about workflow. My objective is to start an ad hoc meeting between two (or eventually more) devices.

  1. Is there documentation somewhere of a minimum workflow for setting up an ad hoc meeting (meet now)?

  2. Is it necessary to use the SDK login methods (email/SSO) to join a meeting?

  3. If I am able to join a meeting without a login, with just meeting number and password, are there HIPAA implications I might not be aware of?My current assumption is that I can create a meeting via the Zoom REST API with enforce_login false, and I’ll be able to manage access to the meeting via my application logic - but I wanted to send these questions your way first in case I was starting from a bad set of assumptions.

Please see our comments as following: 

  1. please refer to this guide to integrate with iOS SDK:, but you need call REST API to create meeting at first, then call SDK interface to start the meeting. if you just want to join a meeting with iOS SDK, call join meeting interface directly;

  2. it is not necessary to login SDK to start/join a meeting;

  3. Please refer to our Zoom iOS client, iOS SDK has the same behavior with Zoom client.