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Can we join meeting without sdk key and secret ?

Which iOS Meeting SDK version?
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We are trying to implement the join webinar (meeting) feature in our existing mobile app. The same feature is implemented in the web tier already.

In the web tier, its using the ZoomMtg.init, and ZoomMtg.join where it didn’t pass any SDK Key and SDK Secret. For the ZoomMtg.join, it’s passing meetingNumber, passWord, userName, userEmail, signature, apiKey, tk

But in the iOS SDK, I couldn’t find similar method, and looks like it always require the authentication with SDK Key, Secret or using JWT which also contain the SDK Key, Secret in some sort.

So, the question is, for iOS SDK, is there an equivalent method that we can join the zoom meeting with only below parameter (same as the web function)

meetingNumber, passWord, userName, userEmail, signature, apiKey, tk

Hey @albertchan,

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If you are referring to authenticating the SDK, no you cannot use the SDK at all until a JWT or key/secret pair is provided. Once the SDK is authenticated, however, you do not need to provide an additional token to join a meeting if you already have the number and password and are not authenticating the user.

If you do not want to sign the user into Zoom and would like the user to start a meeting or be authenticated, you would need to use a token at some point after SDK authentication.


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