Customize language when using Window SDK by c sharp wrapper

I’m using c sharp wrapper to build my own App. Im trying to customize language, but nothing happen. My app cant load my custom language file.

Which Client Windows SDK version?
I’m using latest version: zoom-c-sharp-wrapper-5.4.54802.0124.



  • Device: Desktop
  • OS: Windows 10

Dear dev forum,
I also got the same error, the “param.config_opts.customized_language” has no effects. I try to change language_info to a valid or invalid file name, there are no error message or change at all.
How can I customize language strings?
Thank you!

Hey @hungnm,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

Have you verified that visual studios is correctly finding that file?


Hey @Michael_Condon,

Could you give me an example that work with c sharp wrapper. I’m try a lot but it have not worked.

Hey @hungnm,

Unfortunately, we do not have documentation for this feature in the C# wrapper. However, we can test some things together to narrow down the root cause of the issue :slight_smile:

First can you try commenting out the language code you have now and change the language ID to another built-in language? This will see if the language can be changed at all. In the C++ demo I changed the language to Spanish.
initParam.emLanguageID = ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::LANGUAGE_Spanish;
Note, the changing the language will only effect the words that are in provided by the SDK itself, so you will have to join a meeting to see the language update.

Second, try opening your custom file in your application to verify the path is correct and the file can be found.

Third, if both of the above two can be done without issues, try your code above again. I do not think you need the line param.language_id = (SDK_LANGUAGE_ID)11;


Thanks @Michael_Condon,
I think the problem is hResInstance.
Here are screenshots that i try to custom language with c++ and csharp.
With C++, it work.

With C#, it does not work

I don’t know how to reference this code from c++ to c#. Can you help me.
initParam.hResInstance = GetModuleHandle(NULL);

Hey @Michael_Condon,
I finally find the problem. The problem is a mistake in file zoom_sdk_dotnet_wrap.cpp

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Hey @hungnm,

Oh wow, great catch! Thank you for providing this!

I will submit a bug ticket for this.


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