Not able to replace zoom default logo to any custom logo in Zoom C# wrapper

I have been trying to replace zoom default logo with some custom logo but not able to replace it
I am using Windows C# wrapper
Tried with 2 versions
version v5.9.1.2601 and v5.9.1.2625

Below is the code which i have replaced
param_.uiWindowIconSmallID = IDI_ICON_LOGO;
param_.uiWindowIconBigID = IDI_ICON_LOGO;

However with same approach i am able to replace logo in Windows SDK which is purely in c++.

Any help will be much appreciated

Thanks in advance

Hi @sumitbisht0014, thanks for using the dev forum.

Unfortunately since this is specific to the C# wrapper and cannot be reproduced with the native C++ layer, we are unable to assist with this. As mentioned in our documentation, the C# wrapper is meant to serve as a reference and is not actively enhanced or supported. On that same page, there are instructions on how to modify/rebuild the C# wrapper if you would like to attempt to resolve this issue locally.


Thanks @jon.zoom
I have tried in local but could find what is wrong with the code, since same way if i pass logo to C++ native project, its working absolutely fine. I feel there is a problem in C# wrapper for support of custom logo

If you could help me with what should i change in C++ project to support for this or any reference class/module where i can take help from, it would be great help

Thanks in advance

Hi @sumitbisht0014,

Apologies if it was not clear in my last post, but since this works correctly in a C++ project it is probably an issue with the C# wrapper. If you are able to determine what the issue is within the C# wrapper, you could definitely fix it locally. The C++ layer of the SDK cannot be modified.


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