Customizing video meeting UI


Hi all,

I’ve been trying integrating SDK inside the app, using example2 from the GIT which you provided. Based on the specs I have I need to integrate custom UI for video meeting activity.

I’ve followed the code logic from Example2 but I’m using:

joinMeeting(getContext(), meetingId, displayName, opts)

After this I’m not ending up on my activity that extends MeetingActivity but totally other one has been launched. In my manifest I’ve added on my activity to use android:process=":zoom_meeting" but yet again I don’t know what I’m doing wrong?



One more question when it comes to UI customization.

I’ve managed to implement customizing UI for screen when I join before host by using intent filter action on my activity


This works as expected but I wanted to override the UI of the screen which says “Preparing meeting…”. Is it possible at all or we are forced to use your UI? If it is possible can you please help me out on how exactly can this be done since in your GIT example projects this has not been done.

Hi Aleksandar,

If you disable JoinBeforeHost, zoom will let you to customize waiting room UI. If you enable that option, Zoom won’t show the ”preparing meeting" UI.




So if I understand properly. When I’m scheduling a meeting then I should disable Join before host, but yet again how am I able to customize waiting room on Android? Which activity should I extend? Or action in intent filter to add? Basically I want my own UI while waiting for joining the room with my own error dialogs to handle different states

Hi Aleksandar,

please check sdk help doc section: Customize Joining Before Host View

Define an activity with intent-filter as below:
<activity android:name=“us.zoom.sdkexample.MyWaitJoinActivity”
android:icon="@drawable/ic_launcher" >
<action android:name=“us.zoom.sdkexample.intent.action.JoinBeforeHost” />
<category android:name=“android.intent.category.DEFAULT” />

The action name should be your application package name plus “.intent.action.JoinBeforeHost”.
Meeting topic, meeting id, time and meeting type ( is repeat or not ) can retrieve from the intent arguments. Retrieve them as below:

Intent intent = getIntent();
Uri uri = intent.getData();
String topic = intent.getStringExtra(AndroidAppUtil.EXTRA_TOPIC);
long meetingId = intent.getLongExtra(AndroidAppUtil.EXTRA_MEETING_ID, 0);

Finish your custom waiting join activity when the meeting is ready to join.
Register MeetingServiceListener and implement callback method (onMeetingEvent) , handler the event MeetingEvent.MEETING_READY_TO_JOIN to return meeting.


Hi Aleksandar, 

please take a look at example2, there are details about how to customize it. 

you need to add strings to config.xml: <string name=“zm_config_conf_activity”>us.zoom.sdkexample2.MyMeetingActivity</string>, the name is your customize activity and classname.