Webinar participants report is empty using API but participants count is 86 when pulling report from web portal

I use the Test Request from this page of the API docs:

The response is:

  "next_page_token": "",
  "page_count": 0,
  "page_size": 30,
  "participants": [],
  "total_records": 0

However when pulling the attendee report using /account/report/webinar of the web portal, I see the following:

What’s going on? There are 2 reports with different times. I assume the API request is returning data about the 1st and ignoring the 2nd? Why are there 2 reports to begin with and how do I remove the 1st, consolidate both reports, or specify the 2nd report using the API?


Hi @jimmy.tang, from your screenshots I can see that there are two instances of the same Webinar ID. This looks the original webinar was hosted, then a few hours later it was started or joined by the host, creating a new instance (tracked by UUID) of the Webinar ID.

When you submit a request to the Webinar Participant Report API, if you use the Webinar ID in the path, it will return data on the most recent instance of the webinar. This most recent instance has zero participants.

To get the participant report of the original (first) webinar, you’ll need to know the Webinar UUID (unique identifier). You can get all instances with start time of the UUID through the List Past Webinar Instances API.

Let us know if you have any questions!