Deactivating the "speaker-bar-container" AND Gallery and Speaker View Option

The Speaker Bar Container and the option to switch between Gallery and Speaker view is a useful addition in webSDK, but depending on the usage of meetings - especially if restreamed via OBS - it could be disturbing/needless.

Do you have an option to deactivate “speaker-bar-container” AND Gallery View and Speaker View Option ?

Hi @harry.riegel,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and good question.

There’s not a method for hiding or disabling these options. However, you may consider targeting them with custom css, as a workaround.


Hi Will, thanks for your feedback.

Especially for shows I need more controll on the view of guests - somehow like in a webinar but with video and audio like in a meeting…

Do you have any idea on how to make this workaround possible? As “newbie” I understand the options of css and also use an websdk-plugin to keep people on my domain during a zoom-meeting, but I do not understand how .css can be applied in this case.

Any coder or zoom-employee who could help me with this? Of course I would pay for a solution!
It´s so funny… some people here complain because their browser do not show the new view options and wish I could hide them permanently like before.

Hey @harry.riegel,

I would recommend inspecting the elements in your browser to see which CSS properties are being applied to them. From there, you should be able to hide using CSS properties. While it’s a great suggestion, I’m afraid we don’t offer direct services like this.


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