Deauthorization issue in the app review

We have been working on the VideoKen for Zoom app, which is currently under review. The second reviewer gave us the following comment:

“The Logout and Deauthorize button on your app must invoke this request instead of sending a POST request to your own Deauthorization Event Handler.”

However, we cannot send a deauthorization request from the front end to the Zoom deauth link, because it will be a cross origin request. We are already calling the zoom deauth/ revoke token link from our backend.

How do we proceed, in this case?

Also, for webhooks, will the verification token be passed as a POST param?

This has been documented on this link:

I am bringing this feedback internally to our team. I will have one of my team members respond with more information.

Thanks Tim. Any updates on this?

Hi Tim,

Any update on this? We haven’t heard back from your team yet.



Still looking into it. Thanks for your patience.