How to make Deauthorization of Zoom App?

Im new to your service from developer side, and im completely dont understand how to deauth zoom app?
i need sort of step by step instruction, because i dint find much answers on this page

  1. what does that mean Deauthorization, if im using now as developer, and if i will go for deauth link, will be app earased for marketplace or what?
  2. from where i should take data for req boby? specifically :
  • signature - where i can look for this?
  • deauthorization_time - is it new Date should be used?
  • what is account id (app id) ?
    -what is client id (production client id or what) ?
    “event”: “app_deauthorized”,
    “payload”: {
    “account_id”: “EabCDEFghiLHMA”,
    “user_id”: “z9jkdsfsdfjhdkfjQ”,
    “signature”: “827edc3452044f0bc86bdd5684afb7d1e6becfa1a767f24df1b287853cf73000”,
    “deauthorization_time”: “2019-06-17T13:52:28.632Z”,
    “client_id”: “ADZ9k9bTWmGUoUbECUKU_a”
  1. what kind of headers should be passed to make a post req? my access token or base64(clientid:secret)?

I need very concrete help from you