Delete a meeting recording file API does not capture Individual Participant Audio Files

I have a workflow that automatically transfers recording files to a specific location, then deletes the files from Zoom. I’ve been using this workflow for a long time and have had no issues. However, when I recently started recording individual participant audio files, for some reason these are not being deleted by the API. Using the same file path (/meetings/{meetingID}/recordings/{recordingID}) the individual participant audio files result in a 404 error stating that the file does not exist. I’ve confirmed that the identifying information is correct, and the files still exist on my account, but I am still unable to capture them via the API. Is there a separate file path specifically for individual participant audio files?

404 file does not exist

How To Reproduce
I attempt to use this API to delete individual participant audio recordings
*1. DELETE /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings/{recordingId}
*2. OAuth authentication (using
*3. Error 404 is what I’m receiving

Hi @jperez ,

Please message me the recording id, meeting id, production client_id of your app, developer email associated with app, screenshot of API behavior and screenshot proof of the recordings still on your account and I’ll do some more digging.

Thank you,