Delete recording's file via API

Hello Everyone

I have below steps:

  1. Create meeting via 

  2. Join to meeting and start to record meeting in cloud

  3. I have to files for meeting’s recording. Audio and Video files.

  4. Delete one meeting VIDEO recording file to trash via 
    After that I see one AUDIO file in recording and one VIDEO file in TRASH. It is okay

  5. Delete VIDEO file permanently from TRASH via 
    After that I do not see VIDEO file in TRASH and I do not see AUDIO file in recording. But I did not remove audio file but it disappear.

Is it correct or its bug in API that AUDIO file disappear after deleting VIDEO file.

Hi Mike, 

I will reach out to our Engineers to confirm if the audio/video files gets deleted when the API gets called and will follow up asap. 


Hello Michael

Any news ?

Hi Mike, 

When calling the, only the you choose the recording ID should be deleted. 

Do you still have the API request or any logs so that we can take a closer look?