Demo build problems "cannot instantiate abstract class"

Hi, having problems getting the Desktop SDK demo to build using Visual Studio Community 2017. This is probably a simple configuration problem in VS but I have so far failed to find the problem. VS 2019 community has the same problem.
\zoom-sdk-windows-master\demo\sdk_demo\demoui.cpp(13): error C2259: ‘CMeetingServiceMgr’: cannot instantiate abstract class

Desktop SDK v4.6.21666.0428
Visual Studio Community 2017 (2019 behaves the same)

This is using the SDK zip downloaded from the Zoom site, loading /demo/sdk_demo/sdk_demo_2017.sdk, change build to “Release”, platform “x86”, press “Build solution”

I am probably missing something really obvious. Hope someone can point it out.

Sorry to reply to my own topic.
But there appears to be a line missing in MeetingServiceMgr.h

If I add this line at line 141 in the file then the demo will build successfully
virtual void onBreakoutRoomBtnClicked() {}

I am not sure if this is a problem with my particular setup of Visual Studio or if I am just the first person to attempt to build this version of the SDK demo.

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Cheers man! This fixes me as well.

Wasn’t sure if it was because I retargeted to Windows 10 SDK (SLN was set to 8.1… lol)

Anyways, ZOOM please fix your demos!!


Hi congoblue,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK and glad you found the solution. The sdk_demo project has been deprecated, and we will remove it in the near future. Please have a try with the sdk_demo_v2(, it includes everything that is covered in sdk_demo, and it has more. Please use sdk_demo_v2 as the reference for your implementation.


Hi Rodrigo,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK and thanks for the feedback. Please have a try with the sdk_demo_v2(


Hi, I could not get the sdk_demo_v2 to build either using Visual Studio 2017 Community.

I get many errors relating to missing atlbase.h

Hi congoblue,

Thanks for the reply. Are you opening the sdk_demo_v2 project by opening the sdk_demo_v2_2017.sln file( You could follow the instruction in our doc to build and to run our demo app:

If the error persists, please let me know. Thanks!