ZoomSDK Windows Demo

I am unable to set up the demo sdk even after following the directions provided. I am unable to build the project and have over 1000 errors stating “cannot open source file …”. Under the project properties, I have tried adding the lib and header file directories, but I don’t know how to do it properly as the errors still state unable to open source file. The provided pictures for the property pages are how it looks in my project, but I still have many errors. 


Please help.


Sorry for the demo errors.

Please ignore the debug-version. Just try to build the demo with release version.

Hope this is useful for you.



Hi. Thank you for your help. I just opened up the project and changed it to the release version and am still unable to build due to the same errors. 

You are welcome. Let me check it and give you a feedback later. BTW, where did you get the demo?

I recheck the demo and it can work well. Please download the latest version here https://github.com/zoom/zoom-sdk-windows

Again, please build the release version.

Thank you for your help. So all I need to do is to just download that version, change it to the release version, and click build? Do I need to change project properties? 

Yes. Nothing need to be modified.

  1. download the latest version from git

  2. open it, change to release version then build it.

It should work. At least, it works at my side.

Good luck!

Hello, thank you for your help. I have followed the steps and the demo has worked. I am currently working on trying to allow for the user to create a meeting (rather than just start one) within the application. Can this be done and if so, where can I find the proper information to implement this into the application? 

I  think you want to schedule a meeting rather than start an instant meeting. SDK has an IPreMeetingService interface to implement such features. It is call Pre-meeting service.

You can find more details on https://devdocs.zoom.us/docs/windows




Thank you so much for your help. Upon looking into the Windows Zoom SDK Sample Code Project, there is the inclusion of the Pre-Meeting Service header file and .cpp file. Since this is provided in the sample code project, is there any way that I can add it or easily implement it as a feature to add onto the sample code project? 

Thank you. 


Upon looking into the code, I have also seen commented out lines using " // " that include pre-meeting service functions. Does this mean that this code may have already been written within the demo? I have tried un-commenting the code and while the application runs, it doesn’t provide any ability to schedule a meeting. 

Thank you for your help.