Deploy Internal app for large number of internal users

We are currently trying to deploy an OAuth account level app to a large number of internal users (>200). All possible users are our account users who log in through our SSO.
Our plan is to pre-approve the app for installation through zoom admin for all users on our account.

Looking through the zoom api documentation in order to achieve this it appears we have to publish the app on the marketplace where it is listed publicly and go through zooms public verification process which may take 4 weeks (see Zoom building OAuth app guide). Once again, all of our users are internal managed by our zoom account. Zoom does offer the ability to share private apps, however it appears this is mainly for testing and limited to 200 users (see Sharing private apps) unfortunately we have significantly more and it appears that the URL provided by this process is only valid for 4 weeks.

I just wondering is there any alternative means of deploying an internal OAuth account level app for an organisation users without listing it publicly on the marketplace and going through this process as it is putting a significant block on our internal workflows.

Hi @MikeS thank you for this question and welcome to the devforum!

If you haven’t already read through this guide: Things to know before creating an app

I highly recommend it as it has a lot of info about what is possible or not possible with our different app types.

Private apps Private apps are not published on the Zoom Marketplace. They are intended for the exclusive use of the individual developer account or an organization. In terms of function, they are the same as public apps. They can be installed by account administrators to help manage their account or to interact with Zoom products and services. However, because they are for private use, we do not require them to go through the app review process.

Create a private app if you:

  • Intend to only allow your app to be installed by you or the users on your Zoom account.
  • Are building an internal tool or connector to better manage your Zoom account.

The Publishable URL is for users outside your account so you wouldn’t need that for what you’ve described.

Hopefully that clears up your question, but if I missed something or you find you have trouble getting users access to this private Oauth integration you’ve built, please just follow up here and I’ll do my best to answer.

Thanks for developing with Zoom!