Help with choosing app type

I need help with deciding what type of app to create.

I’ve a web app that runs on separate servers and has different domain for each client. Each of these clients are an organisation with clients of their own. There will be multiple users (staff at the client organisation) on each client site. I want to integrate Zoom on these sites so my clients’ staff can create and host meetings with their clients.

Each client site will have an admin who’ll add their Zoom account and users on that site should be able to use Zoom features such as creating and viewing meetings.

I have read the documentation and I believe I should create a Zoom app with OAuth authorisation so each site’s admin can add their account. However I don’t want it to be a public app that anyone on the Marketplace can install as it’s only meant for my clients.

What app type should I select so that it is available outside the developer account, but not publicly visible? And should it be an account level or user level app?


Hi @dilipvrk

Are all the clients going to be under the same Zoom Account? If so, you could develop a JWT app to keep the app private. However, if these are going to be different Zoom Accounts, as you mentioned, you should create an OAuth app. For it to be installable only by certain accounts, please request a Publishable URL and explain your use cases in the request. The link to the request is included in the “Submit Page” of OAuth App Creation Process. Ensure that your OAuth app has “Intend to Publish” enabled.

I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you @shrijana.g

So I should be creating a Public User-managed OAuth app and then request for a publishable URL without publishing to the Marketplace.

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 7.42.08 am

Or should it be Account-level since an admin on each site will add their own Zoom account to be used by all users on that site instead of individual users having their own Zoom account.


Hi @dilipvrk Do you want the app installation process to be overlooked by Account Admins (which sounds like your case)? If so, you should create a public account level OAuth app. If you want the individual users to access and install the app from their Zoom accounts, you can create a user-level OAuth app. Yes, you are correct, you can request for the Publishable URL to be shared without publishing the app. Our team will assess your request once you submit it and provide you with an update.

Thank you.

Thanks for the clarification @shrijana.g, much appreciated!


Thanks Shrijana! :slight_smile: