Dev URLs for OAuth app

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Can you use multiple dev environments?

The setup for an OAuth app has only a Dev and a Production url for callbacks. Like any sane person, I have Dev (local), Staging, and Production. I’m getting pretty tired of switching that setting everytime I deploy code to Staging (also stoping any devs from actually being able to work on the feature too!)

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Knowing the endpoint/s can help us to identify your issue faster. Please link the ones you need help/have a question with.

Hi @Michael_prox,

Thanks for reaching out about this. While it’s a great suggestion to provide an additional dev environment, our OAuth Apps currently only support one dev and one prod environment.

However, I can definitely appreciate why it would be helpful to have multiple dev environments—if you’re so inclined, I’d encourage you to submit a feature request for this here: #feature-requests


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