Going to production after local testings


Currently ive installed the chatbot app with local testing our company using development urls. I can confirm that is submitting data on the development urls.
Eventually we pushed this chatbot app to production and reach the marketplace. If someday, an organization / company installed the chatbot app from the marketplace ( production ). Whats gonna happen to our installed app prior to that?

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?


Which Endpoint/s?


How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Ive installed the chatbot app on with local testing, tried to integrate with it and notice that all its request are pointing on dev environment.
  2. local testing tests are all satisfied and we are pushing to production ( going to marketplace ).
  3. If an organization / company installed the chatbot app from the marketplace ( production ).

Questions / Clarifications

Can we still use development url?
Can we install both the dev and production environment under our company?

Screenshots (If applicable)

Hoping for your kind consideration, @will.zoom .


Hi @rod.gohetia ,

If I understand correctly, your local testing is using development credentials and this is what you have installed?

Once your app is published, you can still access the development version of your app. You should continue to use the development credentials for internal testing like when you are updating your app’s features and want to make sure everything works as intended before deploying to the production version.

Does this answer your question?


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thanks @gianni.zoom for the clarification.

Few more questions

  1. If ever we planning to push our app in the marketplace. external organizations installed that one. what endpoint url they will be hitting?

  2. after publishing to marketplace, will the development version still works?

Hi @rod.gohetia ,

They would use your production url and yes, your development credentials will still work for internal testing :slight_smile:

thanks @gianni.zoom,

let me get this straight. when an organization install the app from the marketplace, then the endpoint they will be hitting will be the production and while my organization installed the app via local testing will be using the development endpoint, right?

Hi @rod.gohetia ,

Yes this is correct :slight_smile:


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thank you very much @gianni.zoom,

Considering that we might be testing the prod version also to ourselves.
Do you think we can have 2 different names ( 1 for dev and 1 for production )?

No problem! @rod.gohetia you could have a version that is private and that you don’t intend to publish but with the same parameters and codebase that you can use to test with. That one you could designate your dev version and use its production credentials to mimic the same experience for your published production version.

Do i have to create 2 apps for this?

Hi @rod.gohetia , yes this is with creating 2 apps in the marketplace, one without the intention to publish. Alternatively, you can keep just one app on the marketplace, but use the development credentials on your local machine for when you’re testing things on the app like new features.

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