How can I tell what tier a customer is on? Has transcription enabled?

We’re building an app that depends on the transcripts delivered by zoom. When someone signs up, I’d like to (a) validate that they’re on the Business plan (e.g. have the capability to enable cloud recording and enable transcription), and (b) offer advice on how to enable these features if they’re available but disabled.

I think I’m looking for something in the user and/or account settings APIs, but I’d like some advice for where to look.

Additional Context
We have an oAuth app already set up and are listening to webhooks that deliver the transcripts. We can still add whatever oAuth scopes we need to without any hassle.

Hello @ryan3
Great question!

When a user installs your app, use the newly acquired access_token for that user and execute a request to Get User Settings. The JSON returned in the response will have a recording property, that is an object, and the property you are seeking is recording_audio_transcript (a boolean flag indicating if the user has that setting enabled on their account sir).

Let me know if that helps!

Thank you @bdeanindy. How can I tell if audio transcriptions is AVAILABLE on their account? I know that Pro users can record meetings to the cloud, but audio transcription isn’t something that they’re able to turn on. So how can I tell the difference between a Business tier user who has that setting OFF, and a Pro user who CAN’T turn that setting on… ?

Hey @ryan3,

The closest you can get is to see what plan the user is on with the Get User endpoint. Licensed means Pro and above plan.

If you use our Recording Completed Webhook, all available recording files will be sent to you, including or not including the audio transcript based off of what the settings / plan the user is on. That way you can implement logic to show them how to turn it on, or just know that they don’t have that setting enabled.


Thanks for jumping in and helping on that @tommy!

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I think I discovered a way. The user’s settings will not include a “recording.cloud_recording” setting for the Free tier, and will not include a “recording.recording_audio_transcript” setting for Pro. Can anyone confirm?

Hey @ryan3, correct! :slight_smile:


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