Difference between OAuth vs JWT

I’m new to trying to use the zoom api. I’m just looking for guidance of if it would be best to use to JWT or OAuth authenication for my particular use case. I’ve viewed the documentation but am still a bit confused on the difference.

I have a public facing web app that is used for unauthenticated customers/potential customers to register for meetings. These used to be in person meetings and now will be zoom meetings. I want to use the existing registration form on the site and use the api to register the customer for a meeting. The api call to do this seems simple enough, but the authentication piece is where I’m confused.

Hey @rgood,

Here are the differences between OAuth and JWT:

Basically with OAuth you can link users existing Zoom accounts to your app and call the API on their behalf.

With JWT you can make API requests for users on your own Zoom account.

Let me know if you have additional questions.


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