Differences in meetings created with different email addresses

I have been testing the REST API for a while, and have been using my work email address for the relative URL, the schedule for option and the user id setting, in the JSON.

Other than the meetings having my name on them, they worked well. The person joining the meeting could click the join link and would immediately join the meeting.

After we had a dedicated email setup for this, things changed and now the person joining the meeting is taken to a Meeting Registration page whey click the join link.

I reverted back to my email, created a meeting and the link worked fine.

I didn’t change anything else in the JSON payload for meeting creation.

So there’s something about the particular email address that is causing this.

I’m using the v2/users/ username /meetings end point to create the meetings.

Not sure what else to put here for now, so please do ask questions.

I figured it out…
For whatever reason, although the approval_type was set at 1, when I was using m email address this wasn’t an issue.

I have changed this setting to value of 2 (no registration required) and it’s now working properly for the new email address.

Glad you were able to get it squared away. :slight_smile: