Different and strange results when query_date_type set to archive_complete_time

Endpoint: /v2/archive_files

I cannot link the events directly, they belong to a customer of ours.

When querying for archive events with a date range, let’s assume a single ‘meeting’ is returned. This event contains 10 archive_files, with per participant recordings enabled. Everything looks ok. However, adding the query_date_type=archive_complete_time to the request results in three separate ‘meeting’ entries in the json array, all with the same meeting id/uuid. Each of these meetings differs in start time and duration (yes, for the same uuid) , however all 3 contain the same 10 archive_files (every field is identical).

I would expect the result to either be the same - a single archive event with 10 files, or 3 events with different files. Not all being the same.

This customer has per-participant recordings enabled and has been doing some testing recently, which may have an involvement.

No errors are reported.

Hi @david.bennington ,

Thanks for sharing. A visual would be helpful. Can you please message me the JSON response and meeting info so I can see the behavior you’re describing? Thank you!

You may also provide account id and production client id in case a service engineering ticket is necessary for further review.



I’m not comfortable in providing the exact json, as it’s not data that belongs to us, certainly not in a public forum. I could redact it and provide that to you if that helps demonstrate, please let me know. The meeting uuid in question is v64xXIw/QASdRhtQVlOb8A==, and our app id is fgAhEWF2TUyvNrcGV32RJQ.

I don’t know the zoom account id as we have authenticated with oauth and it’s not readily available to me.