Direct app share when joining meeting

I am trying to implement direct app share when joining a meeting. Exactly like when starting an “App Share Meeting” in the example app, but when joining a meeting.

If I start out with the MobileRTC example project (so app share is already set up). What would be appropriate steps to achieve app share when joining a meeting?

Either example code or pointers in an appropriate direction would be appreciated.

Approach so far:
Tried to implement share with a UIView in a Zoom meeting. Very similar to “App Share Meeting”. However, when passing startMeetingParams.isAppShare = NO it seems it is no longer possible to share a view and [ms hideMobileRTCMeeting:^(void){...}] always fails.

I also tried to call onAppShareSplash (as this seems to be one thing isAppShare = YES does.

  • How would you modify MobileRTCSample to enable sharing a UIView from the UI when isAppShare = NO?
  • What is isAppShare doing under the hood?

Hey @tingstam,

It is good to see you on the dev forum again :slight_smile:
isAppShare is what enables sharing for a meeting, and is set when the meeting is started. isAppShare must be true/YES for sharing to work. If it is set to false/NO, sharing will be disabled.

onAppShareSplash is actually a callback that is called when a meeting has been started/joined as a result of a share.

Let me know if that clears anything up.