Stop App Share API

This involves an implementation using custom UI. When I invoke the stopAppShare method on the MobileRTCMeetingService class, I get the following callbacks:

  1. onSinkMeetingActiveShare where userID = 0
  2. onSinkMeetingActiveShare where userID = hostID
  3. onAppShareSplash

This ends up starting app share again after attempting to stop app share. I would expect only #1 would be called. What would cause this to happen?

Which version?

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: iPad Pro
  • OS: 12.4.1



  1. onSinkMeetingActiveShare where userID = 0 :means stop share.

  2. onSinkMeetingActiveShare where userID = hostID :when host start share , you can get the callback.
    I tested that when you stop sharing, you only get userID = 0.

  3. onAppShareSplash: When you start the meeting pass in the parameter isAppShare = YES, you will receive this callback. Under CustomUI this parameter you should pass NO.


Thanks for the info!

For CustomUI, are there any issues if we set the parameter to YES? We would still want to be able to allow app sharing.

Just to clarify - when I call stopAppShare, I expect to for #1 to occur. But I end up getting #1-3 occurring. This also happens inconsistently. Do you know if there could be any other conditions causing that to happen?


Hi Xiao,

The parameter isAppShare is for the Zoom default UI, if you set to YES, then the onAppShareSplash will be called. Please set the parameter to NO or do not set the parameter if you are using custom UI.

We have tested this with our demo app, and we are seeing the onSinkMeetingActiveShare has only been called once. Please let us know if you are able to reproduce this issue with our demo.

Hope this helps. Thanks!