Direct Call Zoom account

How can I make direct call from my web application (already integrated with zoom SDK web client) to other zoom account?
Note: the second zoom account will be my actual account.
Rightnow I can join a meeting only if my actual account is started the meeting, then I can join it. And If I initMeating using below code it will send an email notification to my email(invitation) instead of direct call my zoom on my laptop:
debug: true, //optional
leaveUrl: ‘’, //required
webEndpoint: ‘PSO web domain’, // PSO option
showMeetingHeader: false, //option
disableInvite: false, //optional
disableCallOut: false, //optional
disableRecord: false, //optional
disableJoinAudio: false, //optional
audioPanelAlwaysOpen: true, //optional
showPureSharingContent: false, //optional
isSupportAV: true, //optional,
isSupportChat: true, //optional,
isSupportQA: true, //optional,
isSupportPolling: true, //optional
isSupportBreakout: true, //optional
isSupportCC: true, //optional,
screenShare: true, //optional,
rwcBackup: ‘’, //optional,
videoDrag: true, //optional,
sharingMode: ‘both’, //optional,
videoHeader: true, //optional,
isLockBottom: true, // optional,
isSupportNonverbal: true, // optional,
isShowJoiningErrorDialog: true, // optional,
inviteUrlFormat: ‘’, // optional
loginWindow: { // optional,
width: 400,
height: 380
meetingInfo: [ // optional
disableVoIP: false, // optional
disableReport: false, // optional

Hey @mohammedabulawi,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. To clarify, you can only start meetings with the Web SDK if the host of the meeting is under the same account as the JWT credentials used to create the signature.

However, you should be able to join the meeting as any user. If you want to make API calls on behalf of another user, you’ll want to create an OAuth App.

Let me know if that helps. If not, are you able to elaborate on what you are looking to accomplish?


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