Direct call to the client zoom

Hello, i’m looking for possibility&&&

Is it possible to create a link for a direct call to the user.

There are two users, one user has an auto answer, can I create a direct link to connect from a web page?

Hey @s.denysenko,

Are you trying to call via Zoom Phone or Zoom Meetings?


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Hi, Tommy
I’m trying to call via Zoom Meetings by using function ‘Auto Answer Group’.


Hey @s.denysenko,

If you want to start a Zoom Meeting with a user directly, you can use their Personal Link if you’re on a Business+ plan. Otherwise, you can use the join_url for their Personal Meeting ID

When it comes to Zoom Phone, this can be done with what we call click-to-dial. This can definitely be accomplished but the steps are different depending on the platform. Please see the following help document:

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.


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