Showing zoom conversation the isn't from my account


Is it possible to show a zoom meeting that doesn’t related to my account using the Web SDK?
My intention is to show in my website a zoom meeting by the meeting ID that I’ll receive while this meeting will be created by another user.
In case it is possible, every user that will enter the web page will be able to connect to this conversation using his account? How does it work?

Also, I have another question.
My intention is to know when the user activated his microphone in the meeting.
Is there any way to achieve this?
I thought of trying to find when the user clicked within the iFrame, but seems like it’s not possible.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @ronen.landesman,

With the Web SDK you can join any Zoom meeting, but you can only start meetings you own.

Yes, see the Web SDK join meeting doc:

Currently we do not have this feature. Feel free to add it here: #feature-requests



Thanks for the answer @tommy, I really appreciate the time you are spending to help me!

I don’t sure I am understanding the terminology of joining a meeting.
For example, I get a meeting ID from another zoom account.

Now, I would like to show this meeting in my website using the zoom Web SDK so that users the login to my website will be able to join this meeting by themselves, is it possible? Or this option is only possible for meeting that I create?

Hey @ronen.landesman,

Happy to help! :slight_smile:

Yes this is possible! You can join meetings that aren’t apart of your account, you just can’t start them unless the meeting is from your account.

Does that make sense?


Hey Tommy,

I am not sure that I quite understand the meaning of the term “join”.

I’ll try to explain what I am trying to achieve.
I will get a meeting ID or a link from another zoom user, meeting that he created and I am not the admin of it or anything, I only have the ID/link of the conversation.
After that, I would like to somehow add this meeting to my website using zoom Web SDK so that people that will connect to this web page, will see this conversation and will be able to view and join this conversation using different nicknames/users.

Hopefully its clearer now, is it something that I’ll be able to achieve?

Thanks a lot!

Hey @ronen.landesman,

Thanks for the explanation!

You can join this meeting fine with the Web SDK, but the host of the meeting will need to start it first on their end.