Disable chat feature from conference window?

Hi. Is there a way to disable the chat feature from the conference window completely? I can hide the bottom toolbar with ZoomNodeMeetingUICtrlWrap.ShowBottomFloatToolbarWnd, but user can still activate chat feature via the context menu of a video element:

I’ve been searching around the Electron & macOS SDK for hours but fail to find any related method if any.

Which version?
Latest Electron SDK

We will add related method about disable the chat feature next release around the Electron & macOS SDK .

Hi @bella.tu. Thanks for your reply.
May I know the estimate date of the next release? Thanks.

Hi mos66,

Thanks for the reply. Currently we do not have such configuration to disable the chat feature shown in your screenshot. As Bella mentioned, our engineering team has received this feature request and we will work on this. If you would like to get the update our SDK release, please follow our Github repo: https://github.com/zoom/zoom-sdk-electron for any updates.


Hi mos66,

Our new Client SDK release is now available. You may find the latest Electron SDK here: https://github.com/zoom/zoom-sdk-electron/releases/tag/v4.4.56616.1029.

To hide the chat feature, you may use the @property(nonatomic, assign)BOOL hideChatItemInMeeting; in ZoomSDKMeetingConfiguration.h.

Hope this helps. Thanks!