How to hide invite button and close invite?

when I use zoomsdk program my app in windows and osx . I don’t want invite other guys. its a private a meeting, so I want to hide this button and close invite, but I had no idea.

how to fix it?

I had use electron-macsdk-zoom and electron-windows-zomm.

Hi 700985,
Thanks for using Zoom SDK. We have an interface in our Electron addon:


You can refer to the method MeetingConfig_EnableInviteButtonOnMeetingUI: function (opts) in the zoom_meeting_configuration.js file to hide/show this invite button.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Try to call “MeetingConfig_EnableInviteButtonOnMeetingUI”

Got an exception.

But the method “MeetingConfig_SetBottomFloatToolbarWndVisibility” is successful

Hi daimoon,
Thanks for the detail. There are 2 issues here:

  1. Regarding the parameter shown in the red rectangle, the {show:'not'} should be {show:false}.
  2. Please change the position where you call this method, do not call this method right after the authentication. The best practice is to call this method in the meetingstatus_callback, when the meeting status is MEETING_STATUS_INMEETING, call this method.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

I try move to meetingstatuscb call this function. still same error!

I had use ‘console.log’ print it In the MeetingConfig_EnableInviteButtonOnMeetingUI then ’_addon.MeetingConfig_EnableInviteButtonOnMeetingUI’ echo like this


{ SetMeetingConfigService: [Function: SetMeetingConfigService],
  MeetingConfig_SetBottomFloatToolbarWndVisibility: [Function: MeetingConfig_SetBottomFloatToolbarWndVisibility],
  MeetingConfig_DisableFreeUserOriginAction: [Function: MeetingConfig_DisableFreeUserOriginAction] }


For mac electron sdk, ‘MeetingConfig_EnableInviteButtonOnMeetingUI’ function havn’t been implement, we have implement this function in objective-c .
You can set ‘disableToolbarInviteButtonClickOriginAction’ property to ‘true’ in ZoomSDKMeetingConfiguration.h to disable the action of invite button, and call ‘- (ZoomSDKError)hideSDKButtons:(BOOL)hide ButtonType:(SDKButton)button’ with param ‘button’ with ‘ToolBarInviteButton’ to hide the invite button. Please wrapper the code to js by yourself.

[quote=“Derain_Yuan, post:7, topic:4032”]

Thanks, but I am’t IOS developer. I try to do , it not work.
I ask IOS developer ,He said .h files can’t change property.
How to change ‘property’ in .h file?
Cloud you share ‘ZoomSDK.framework’ to me?

You need refer to our demo code, write the wrapper code, but not directly change the .h file.

Thanks, Derain_Yuan.
meetingConfigObj(‘setDisableToolbarInviteButtonClickOriginAction’, true);
this func is work for me! but ‘hideSDKButtons’ is wrong! I dont know , how to change this.

meetingConfigObj(“hideSDKButtons”, true, ‘ButtonType’, 0);
Please go to learn the nodobjc.

LOL, It work.Thanks you ,dude !


I am using createMeeting API to create meeting and I want to disable invite button for participants. What should I do for that?


Hi poonam.patil,

Thanks for the reply. What is the SDK version you are using? If you are using the Electron SDK: and like to hide the invite button, you could use the interface MeetingConfig_EnableInviteButtonOnMeetingUI as Bella mentioned above.

Hope this helps. Thanks!