Disable invite and share option while launching Zoom App via Deep link

How disable invite while launching the Zoom app via deeplink(with meeting info)

Which Android Meeting SDK version?
not using sdk , simply calling deep link with meeting info

Additional context
can you share document or link- what are the things we can control in zoom app while launching via deeplink

Hi Vikas,

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I believe you are referring to the scenario of providing a deeplink that allows users to join the Zoom Meeting via the Zoom Android Client.

Unfortunately, there is no way to disable that invite button specifically, but you can lock the meeting, which will make that option unavailable. Learn more about in-meeting security options here: In-meeting security options – Zoom Support

thank you, for info, it is very helpful

@jenzushsu Lock meeting - blocking new participant to join the meeting but i want to disable invite link.
I want to join the meet, user should come to my app , not directly join the meet

Please suggest

Hi Vikas, would you be able to share more on your workflow/scenarios?

I have given option in my application to join the meet, So i do not want user to share the zoom info with others but others can join the meet when they open my app and click on join meet.

hope it clarify !!

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Hi @vikas.gupta2,

If you want users to join the Zoom meeting within your application, you can refer to Meeting SDK for Android to embed the meeting experience into your application.