Disable the 'invite button' in zoom meetings

Here we go again… :unamused: After 6 months of requesting the same feature, zoom couldn’t fulfil this most basic security feature.

Original Thread(6 months ago):

I guess all of the zoom customers here want to build their private streaming channels. If not we could have utilized youtube streaming. We spend some considerable amount of money every month not just for streaming service but rather features which we cannot get from other vendors.

Why there is no ability to disable the invite button when we create a meeting? Don’t you see this as a basic requirement for all the large scale zoom customers? I have requested this feature 6 months ago and yet you propose an alternative which is not the solution. :unamused:

Describe the solution you’d like
Provide a configuration to disable the invite button which we can set when we create the meeting.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

  • Waiting room

  • Registration links

  • Webinar package

(All of these are not workable solutions.)

Additional context
Explain according to your internal architecture if this is not possible for you to provide. If so, we can start migrating our systems to a different vendor at least. There is no point if we cannot restrict our meeting crowd.

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any update there ??? @tommy

Hey @tharinduvindula, @jude.niroshan11,

Please see how to disable the invite button in the Web SDK here:

Let me know if you need additional assistance.


hey @tommy
also it have web SDK but doesn’t have that feature in official zoom app. because web SDK not work properly in mobile App