Disable right-click for annotation toolbar


Hi, when I am using the Zoom annotation toolbar in my Windows app, I often inadvertently activate “Mouse” (the arrow icon) when I am drawing. I think that is because touching the right side of my trackpad activates “Mouse” in the annotation toolbar. Is there a way I can code my app not to activate “Mouse” from a right-click? This issue also sometimes occurs when I use a stylus on a touchscreen to annotate. That’s because in Windows a hard press on a touchscreen is the same as a right-click on a trackpad, and I sometimes press too hard when I write. With the Windows SDK, can I prevent either a right click on a trackpad or a hard press on a touchscreen from activating “Mouse” in the screen-sharing annotation toolbar? Thanks.



sorry, we don’t support this.




Hi Dats, thanks for the reply. In that case, can you instruct us on how to completely disable right-click in our app?



maybe you can do some research about windows message hook or some windows message filter. you can filter the right-click message by yourself.