How to Stop Annotation without right click on Windows Surface Tablet

We are using a custom UI or annotation bar, however, users that are using Surface Tablet cannot stop desktop annotation using any “Right Click” techniques (press and hold). Our annotation bar is not active for users since it’s hidden by the invisible annotation window, we tried to push our annotation control to the top, but it gets hidden after any annotation.

Any suggestions on how to stop annotation or keep our custom window on top of annotations?


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Are you using a ICustomizedAnnotationController?


Yes, ICustomizedAnnotationController

var cntrl = CZoomSDKeDotNetWrap.Instance

_annotationObject = cntrl.CreateAnnoObj(null);


I see. In regards to the window not being kept on top, have you tried setting HWND_TOPMOST for the annotation bar window handle?

You can call StopAnnotation on the IAnnotationController to stop annotating.


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