Disable Shared Screen Display

Meeting SDK Type and Version
Web SDK 2.17.0

We have a requirement wherein our web app should only show video streams from other participants camera. Is there a way to hide or disable showing shared screens from other participants in Web SDK Client View?

Hi @remalyn_basco,

As the host, the host can disable “Share Screen” for participants under Security during in-meeting. Alternatively, you can consider Enabling or disabling screen sharing in Zoom meetings – Zoom Support.

hello @jenzushsu

What do I mean is I want for the Zoom web SDK as a participant to be able to not display shared screen from the host and only show only the video streams from the camera of the active speaker.

Would it be possible?


For Web SDK Client View, you can disable screen share:

hello @donte.zoom

Tried that one, but it would only not allow the participant to share the screen, but still able to receive or show shared screen from others.


Okay, I think I understand your requirement. It seems like you would like the host to be able to share the screen, but have it only visible to the host and not the meeting participants, is that correct? If so, currently, this feature is not supported. However, please feel free to submit a feature request for this here.

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