Screen Sharing / Camera Issue Meeting SDK client view for webinars

I am having a client who has an e-learning platform where teachers can host zoom webinars for students. I was asked to integrate the zoom api (both end points to manage webinars from the e-learning platforms and embedded webinars using the meeting sdk).

For embedded webinars i used the client view from the meeting sdk. When trying to screen share + open camera as a host i get this message “To optimize performance, your video is disabled during screen sharing” and only the screen share is available.

Any solutions ?

Hi @ilybenh1

This is a feature as outlined in the message. Was there something else you identified as an issue? For example, not being able to turn the host video on after screen share has ended?

No, the camera works fine after ending the screen share. What i don’t get is that on some devices i can do both, but on other there devices it gives me that message and disables camera on screen share.
Is there a setting i can enable so that it will always allow both ? Or is there required stats for the computer/ internet connexion in order to allow both at the same time ?

@ilybenh1 .

If you get a message “To optimize performance, your video is disabled during screen share”, it means what the detect hardware specs does not support sending video and sharescreen at the same time.

can i have the list of required hardware in order to run both ?

@ilybenh1 ,

Here’s a list of requirements, and these are similar for web sdk are web sdk is based on the same technology.

However, I would suggest to always exceed the hardware recommendations, as there are multiple factors which might contribute to your observation.

Example if the guide mentions dual core, it might be safe to exceed the spec test it out on 4 core instead.