Disable "Turn off video" page when join the meeting

Is there any settings to disable the attached screen? I know there is a method to disable it using JoinMeetingsOptions.no_video = false. However, i want to disable the page and join the meeting with video turn on by default.


Many thanks for your help

Hi @shingshing6, thanks for the post.

In the screenshot you’ve provided, there is a switch that reads Always show video preview dialog when joining a video meeting. If you tap that switch before joining the meeting, you will no longer see the preview dialog.


Hi Jon,

Thanks. I want to disable it when the SDK first launch. ie: This page will never show to users.

Hi @shingshing6,

This dialog can be programmatically disabled through MeetingSettingsHelper#disableShowVideoPreviewWhenJoinMeeting.



Hi Jon,

Thanks for your solution. It works. By the way, may i know is there way to customize the message prompt as shown?

Please allow Zoom access permission.
For the best meeting experience. Zoom…


@shingshing6, happy to hear it helped!

As far as that dialog goes, there is no way to directly change that behavior, but there is a way around that. The dialog will not show if your app has already been granted camera and record audio permissions, so you could create your own dialog (or just request permissions without any dialog showing other than the Android system’s dialog) right before you call into the start/join method in the SDK.