Video on when join meeting

when we join the meeting would like to make the video on for the user but not sure is it available or not , currently I have

  JoinMeetingOptions opts = new JoinMeetingOptions();
  JoinMeetingParams params = new JoinMeetingParams();
  params.displayName = displayName;
  params.meetingNo = meetingNo;
  opts.no_audio = true;
  opts.no_video = false;

but thats not showing video when I join the meeting on Android sdk.

One more question was that when user was in waiting room is it possible to show his video ?

Hi vijayk,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. By default, the video is on by itself. However, the meeting’ setting will respect the configuration in the following order:

  1. User’s account level setting
  2. App’s overall level setting
  3. Join meeting param setting

If the user turns off the video by default on his/her account level, then you cannot force the user to open the video. You can ask the user to start his/her video once the meeting has started using the interfaces available in

Hope this helps! Thanks!

We force video to start using the below, is this the right approach? It’s working well.

private void forceVideoAutoStartWhenEnteringZoomMeeting() {
    MeetingSettingsHelper helper = ZoomSDK.getInstance().getMeetingSettingsHelper();

and then we use it before entering or returning to a meeting:

// start or return to meeting
forceVideoAutoStartWhenEnteringZoomMeeting(); // here

MeetingService meetingService = ZoomSDK.getInstance().getMeetingService();
if (meetingService.getMeetingStatus() == MeetingStatus.MEETING_STATUS_IDLE) {
} else {
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Hi moe.hamoud.cdx,

Thanks for the post. Yes, the code you are using can do the work.

However, we have identified the issue that the video is turned off by default in our latest Android SDK( We have fixed it and the video will be turned on by default starting in the next release. We are going to have a release very soon, by using the next release, you don’t have to use the code you are presenting to turn on the video.

Please follow our github repo for updates:


I am using latest version sdk only but video is not turned off by default on android

Hi moe.hamoud.cdx,

How to turn audio and video on iOS sdk ? currently I am using given below 3 lines but no luck

[[[MobileRTC sharedRTC] getMeetingSettings] setAutoConnectInternetAudio: YES ];

[[[MobileRTC sharedRTC] getMeetingSettings] setMuteAudioWhenJoinMeeting: NO ];

[[[MobileRTC sharedRTC] getMeetingSettings] setMuteVideoWhenJoinMeeting: NO ];

Hi vijayk.kannan,

The issue that the video is turned off by default has been fixed in the latest SDK release, you may find them here:

Right now the video is on by default.