How to skip join audio / video screen while joining meeting using Android SDK

Hi There,

We are using zoom meeting SDK in our android app.
while joining meeting, I always shows preview screen to join using audio or video.

I want to skip this screen and proceed to meeting.

below is code to join meeting.

 val meetingService: MeetingService = instance.meetingService 

        val jmo = JoinMeetingOptions()
         jmo.no_driving_mode = true
         jmo.no_invite = true
         jmo.no_meeting_end_message = true
         jmo.no_titlebar = true
         jmo.no_bottom_toolbar = true
         jmo.no_dial_in_via_phone = true
         jmo.no_dial_out_to_phone = true
         jmo.no_disconnect_audio = true
         jmo.no_share = true
         jmo.invite_options = InviteOptions.INVITE_VIA_EMAIL + InviteOptions.INVITE_VIA_SMS
         jmo.no_audio = false
         jmo.no_video = false
         jmo.no_video = false
         jmo.meeting_views_options = MeetingViewsOptions.NO_BUTTON_SHARE
         jmo.no_meeting_error_message = true

        val jmp = JoinMeetingParams()
        jmp.displayName = displayName
        jmp.meetingNo = id
        jmp.password = password

        return meetingService.joinMeetingWithParams(context, jmp, jmo)

can anyone please help me how i can do this?

Hi @jovy,

You can disable the video preview before joining a meeting by calling disableShowVideoPreviewWhenJoinMeeting.


Hi @jon.zoom
Thanks for help.
Its solved now

You are welcome, glad I could help!

Please don’t hesitate to reach back out in a new topic with any additional questions.