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My platform provides event registration facilities, including for Zoom-hosted events. We use the Zoom API to administer meetings and register attendees who complete bookings through us. We configure Zoom meetings to require attendee registration accordingly, and we set registration approval to ‘manual’ and use the ‘Approve registrant’ API to approve only those that register through us.

However, we still find that in some circumstances, customers are able to discover the Zoom-hosted registration page - most commonly when their unique attendance link gets unintentionally invalidated, and clicking it thereafter brings them to the Zoom-hosted registration page rather than into the meeting. This then creates confusion when they attempt to register themselves there, but end up in a cul-de-sac since their registration request is never approved (Note: We also disable issuing of Zoom emails for the meetings, since we issue attendee links within emails dispatched from our own system and want to avoid confusion).

Is there any way that we can fully disable registrations for meetings through the Zoom-hosted page, such that registrations can only be performed via API? If not, can this be treated as an enhancement request?


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Create Meeting
Add Meeting Registrant
Approve Meeting Registrant

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We’re following the exact same path to accept and register attendee for our meetings.
On occasion, though, some participants share the ID and password with others, then they end up with the Zoom-hosted registration page. The rest is exactly like @johnrix described.
It’s not a huge issue for us, since they reach us afterwards and say that they can’t enter the meeting and we forward them to our own registration page.
Still, this would be a very useful feature, being able to disable the Zoom-hosted registration completely allowing only API integration.

~ Fatih

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