Disable Zoom Phone feature on Android

Deploying Android for Work, Zoom Phone becomes dialer option and takes over default dialer option. Permissions for Zoom have not been enabled, but any tap-to-Dial number is redirected to Zoom Phone. How do I remove this feature?

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Great question, HELPPPPPP :slight_smile:

Hi @jon.d.baker @aznman176 ,

This seems like it’s a question for https://community.zoom.com/

This is a pretty useless and completely unhelpful response. I’m having the same problem as these other 2 folks and this thread is what Google points to. Maybe as a Zoom developer advocate you could repost this in the correct forum and link it here so people having the same issue can find a useful answer. I guess I’ll just be removing Zoom altogether. :roll_eyes:

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Hi @ASC-Brian ,

Appreciate your feedback, but https://community.zoom.com/ is for end-user support and I do not have the same type of access there given I am a developer SME.

It would be helpful if you, upon seeing the guidance, created a post there and shared the link here to help other community members since you found this thread via your Google search.

Thanks for your help and support for our end and developer users of the Zoom platform :slight_smile:

Not helpful at all.

I literally just had to uninstall your app so i can use my phone

Hi @brendan.booth @ASC-Brian @jon.d.baker @aznman176 this is not a Zoom Developer-related issue where I would be able to help, please reach out to Support for general end-user issues and https://community.zoom.com/

Thank you!