Feature Request - Set Zoom as Default Call Redirection App

Subject: Feature Request - Integration of Zoom as a Default Call Redirection Option on Mobile Devices

Dear Zoom Support Team,

I am writing to request the consideration of a feature that would greatly enhance the utility of the Zoom mobile application in professional settings. As it stands, the Zoom app does not appear as an available option for default call redirection on Android devices. Many users, including myself, rely on Zoom for business communication and would benefit from the ability to route outgoing calls directly through the Zoom Phone feature by default, without having to manually initiate calls within the app.

This functionality would streamline workflows and ensure that business calls are consistently handled through the company’s preferred platform, thus maintaining a unified communication experience.

I understand that implementing this feature would involve complex system integrations, but I believe it would significantly improve the user experience for Zoom Phone subscribers.

Thank you for considering this request. I look forward to the possibility of this enhancement in future versions of the Zoom platform.

Best regards,
Juan sanchez

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