Discriminate webhook events by user

Hi there,

I have two questions which aren’t clearly answered in the docs.

  1. Once we enable notifications in the app settings, will we receive events for every authenticated user that granted the according scope? Or can we opt in to receiving events on a per user basis? Of all the users who install our app, only a subset will require notifications, and it is a lot of overhead if we need to handle events for every user, instead of just the ones that require it.

  2. How can we match an inbound request with our internal user representation? If I understand correctly, the event payload will contain the user’s accountId. That’s not too helpful, since it’s Zoom-specific and would require our stateless handler to look up the mapping of Zoom AccountId ↔ Internal UserId. For various other services, I would register a listener and specify a notification URL that is associated with the user, like “/webhooks/:user”. Is this possible with the Zoom API?

Thanks in advance