Display audio/Music title


hi, id like to see a feature where maybe we could have somewhere where it displays maybe what audio is being played as we sometimes incorporate music into our meetings…also sometimes things dont work out and we wish to have someone removed or access to a meeting blocked but this isnt really an option and there needs to be some sort of revoking access to a meeeting that doesnt involve a password etc maybe give everyone an id number for each account in whch the admin may block them from accessing future meetings.


Not sure on the music thing, doesn’t seem like a common use case, and where would the title info come from?


How to remove some one from a meeting https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/206272805-How-To-Remove-Webinar-Attendees (applies to meetings as well)


well now if this isnt the perfect example of a lazy response. i am very much aware of how to remove an attendant from the meeting however the point u missed is that we sometimes have people who are not welcome come in the meeting and they keep coming in upon being removed. locking the meeting is not an option because it keeps others from accessing the meeting and we have participants that come at different times so that wont work. if you reread what i wrote i mentioned maybe having a feature that prevents the person from accessing the meeting or being able to fully block them because from what i understand you may block somebody from your contacts and from contacting you however in the actual meeting regardless of wether the person has been blocked or not they can still access the meeting and you are still able to be contacted during a meeting should u both be in the same one. im trying to break it down for you in a way that u will understand because apparently you missed the mark with my first message. how am i doing so far??



You have submitted a feature request that is just as lazy as you are towards grammar and clarity. You have not specified which music service or player you are using. Saying that you “incorporate music” in your meetings could be as simple as tying together all audio sources into the mic, or sharing the music player/desktop and clicking “share computer sound”. In this use case, where is Zoom to gather the song title from? Are you asking Zoom to use OCR to ‘read’ the song title from the player? Are you using a signalling or messaging bus? Is Zoom supposed to recognize certain applications as “music” apps and then somehow scrape the song title/artist? Is this on Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS, Android, or the web service? You have provided no details and made ludicrous demands on top of being rude.

Unless I am greatly mistaken, Zoom meetings are not meant to be “radio stations” for their users, and as such, there is precious little use in advertising the current song title being played when collaborating via Zoom. I’m not Zoom, so I can’t be sure, but I doubt Uber and Slack need or use Zoom to provide music to their employees.

As for removing someone from a meeting, instead of locking your room, you might have searched for a solution in the Help Center and discovered the “Waiting Room” feature, which allows the host to choose who enters. Once you remove a troublesome user from the room, they can choose to reconnect, but will stay stuck in the waiting room until admitted. https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/115000332726-Waiting-Room

Finally, to answer your last question, I would say “poorly”.