Display name different for Zoom SDK versus Zoom Client

When we start a meeting with the Zoom Client and click on “new meeting” (with video off), it shows the organizers name as entered on their zoom.com profile.

When we start a meeting with the Desktop SDK (c# wrapper) the same screen shows the users logged in email address, and not their name.

How can we tell the Zoom SDK to show the users name, rather than their login email?

Zoom Client Version: 5.0.3 (24951.0515)

Zoom Windows SDK Version: v4.6.21666.0428

Windows 10 1809

Hi @don_ucw,

Thanks for the post. In SDK, you may pass the display name to the “userName” field to show the username:https://zoom.github.io/zoom-sdk-windows/structtag_join_param4_normal_user.html#ab5ac4a290729d2bf8bd7b7289d90986e;

And please note that the current version of SDK is based on client version v4.6, and the latest client 5.0 has a lot of UI changes.

Hope this helps. Thanks!


thanks for the information. We want Zoom to display the person’s real name, not for us to prompt the user for their name, and then display it. Zoom already has their real name from their account registration info. How can we get Zoom to do display their real name?

I suppose an option is for us to query zoom for their real name, and then pass it to the Join call. If we have to go this way - what is the call to get the user’s real name from Zoom?

Never mind. We got it from the security service login information. All is good - thanks for the help.

Hi @don_ucw,

Thanks for the reply and glad to hear that the problem has resolved. Happy Zooming!