User Rename issue


We are using Zoom API integrated in our system with Zoom SDK in mobile app and Zoom WebSDK. WE have our meetingIDs hidden from the users when the meeting is going on.But somehow, few of our users had got access to the meeting ID and they used the Zoom app, renamed themselves and created nuisance in the meeting.

i went through the reports provided in our User Panel but it shows the renamed name in the list of participants. is there any way to get more details about such users?

I understand we can use Passcodes for every meeting and we are plugging those leaks. But for these cases already happened, can we get more details ?


Hi @helloparent,

Great question, and happy to clarify. To that end, if you’re interested in getting more details about what a participant’s name was when they originally joined a meeting, this is returned via our GET Meeting Participant Reports endpoint. This should help you to cross-reference any renamed participants you’re seeing in your User Panel.

Let me know if this helps!


Hi @will.zoom

Thanks for the reply. Will it provide the original names even if the user has joined from Zoom app and not through our APIs.

I tried going through the reports provided in the the User Reports in our backend dashboard but they did not help much.


Hey @helloparent,

Yes, it will show the name they have set within the Zoom App, or if they are logged in when joining, it will show the name they have on their Zoom account.


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