Displaying (or not) usernames on custom video elements


Working in a customUI app on macOS are you able to confirm the correct approach for showing/hiding usernames

It appears that the usernames respect the setting “show usernames on video” however if you change this setting while the video element exists the element doesn’t update unless you recreate it.

What is the suggested approach around this? Do I need to manually destroy and recreate the elements when I see that this setting has changed or is there a better option?



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Hi @richard1, thanks for the post.

It doesn’t seem like a great experience to be forced to recreate the element when you try to hide/show the username. We will need to investigate whether this is a technical limitation of the implementation or if it can be updated to allow this setting to be applied dynamically. Once I have any additional information I will be sure to let you know.


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Hi @richard1,

This has been implemented in the macOS SDK and will be included in the next release. :slightly_smiling_face: